Friday, February 27, 2009

Did you see that?!?

Of course not! It was a bike ninja!

What's a bike ninja, you ask? I'll let Urban Dictionary tell you.

You've probably seen these yourself...or rather, not seen them. I glimpsed a couple this winter driving to work, when I turned off of Kalamazoo Ave. onto 32nd Street. My windshield was fogged and these two different bikers on two different days were wearing all black at 7:00 in the dark and dreary morning! I almost committed involuntary vehicular manslaughter. Twice. Yikes! Yehuda Moon has had several run-ins with bike ninjas, too - like this one. And this one.

Bike ninjas should try only to take to the roads for parades. Like the one reported on by the reputable news organization, the Onion News Network.

I'm having too much fun reading about ninjas!
Added March 11, 2009: This one might be my favorite yet!

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